About Dr Glenn

Author of When Leaders Are Lost and founder of LCP Global

With more than 25 years working as a psychologist, C-Suite leader, and executive coach working with leaders in more than 40 countries, Dr Glenn Williams founded LCP Global in 2010. Through his doctoral research and working with thousands of high-capacity leaders, he discovered the connection between personal and corporate well-being and how together they unlock resilience and breakthrough performance.

Because success can often come at the expense of important goals and relationships, LCP Global works with leaders and their teams to build and catalyze a culture where leaders can flourish, and organizations can achieve strategic growth outcomes. The 5 Leadership Anchors™, when embraced by leaders, transforms their capacity to lead themselves, others, and their businesses.

Glenn and his wife, Natalie, live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and have two adult children, Ben and Chloe.


“When Leaders Are Lost is a remarkable book that provides leaders with invaluable guidance on how to recover, transition, and triumph over loss and failure. In a world where most books focus solely on achieving success, this book stands out by offering profound insights and practical strategies to navigate through the toughest of challenges. Glenn Williams has masterfully crafted a guidebook that supports leaders in their quest to rise above adversity and emerge stronger than ever before. Whether you're grappling with personal setbacks, professional failures, or navigating through major transitions, When Leaders Are Lost is a beacon of hope and wisdom.”
Henry Lee
Chair, C12 Singapore


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