How often do you set a goal for yourself, only to find that progress seems to be slow or non-existent, despite your best efforts? Or perhaps you aren’t clear on exactly what success looks like or how to measure it. Should this be where you’re finding yourself? Take heart knowing it’s not unusual and a situation in which many find themselves. Quite commonly, people struggle to set goals and chart a clear path forward or maintain the needed momentum and focus to achieve them. And with today’s executive pressure of so much to do and such little time, it’s no wonder allocating enough space and clarity to goal setting is so difficult.
If this resonates with you, the LCP Leadership Accelerator and its 90-Day goal tracking system may be just what you need to reframe your thinking and practice around goal setting in a way that’s impactful for both you and your organization. Designed to challenge and inspire professionals to reach new heights, the program is geared towards purposeful success with goals that are both quantifiable and measurable. Let’s explore the LCP Global difference.

Having the right goal-setting framework makes a difference

You’ve most likely been exposed to countless goal-setting theories and frameworks. Still, LCP’s Leadership Accelerator Program provides a new way of thinking about, setting and approaching goals that goes beyond the basics. No more same, same…
it’s different.

How so?

First, let’s pause for a minute to consider the statistics around goal setting; it’s quite apparent that traditional frameworks don’t have a high success rate. In fact, US clinical psychologist, Joseph Luciani, found in his study undertaken for the University of Scranton that a staggering 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Furthermore, research undertaken by Strava analyzed more than 31.5 million online activities to determine when most people were likely to renege on their goals. The platform which tracks fitness goals was able to “pinpoint the day motivation is most likely to waver” and according to Strava’s Gareth Mills, January 12 is “the fateful day for most New Year’s resolutions.” The abandonment of goals merely two weeks after they’d first been set, certainly points to a problematic goal-setting approach.

There are inherent flaws in traditional goal-setting frameworks that hinder the chance of success. Primarily there’s usually no purposeful alignment of the goal with strengths and values (of both the individual and the organization). Clear baseline data is often also missing, and then structure around the goal or the steps needed to reach it is often overlooked. Expectations are frequently vague or unrealistic and lack inbuilt accountability measures, which hampers efforts. All of these factors combine to sabotage success, and it’s no wonder people only get so far before throwing in the towel.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator Program approach differs, and the results speak for themselves. Our approach to goal setting is more than a simple checklist of what you need to do, but rather an integrated process designed to help you create clarity around your goals and objectives and then develop a clear roadmap for how best to achieve them.

We begin by identifying core values and strengths as these form a firm foundation for goal setting and ensure momentum is established and sustainable. A deep understanding of yourself and your organization leads to meaningful goals aligning with vision and purpose. If you’re serious about success, this is an important step that can’t be overlooked in the goal-setting process.

The 5 Leadership Anchors developed by LCP Global underpin the LCP Leadership Accelerator and underpin goal setting in the program. Each anchor is designed to reinforce and build on the others, helping you identify your true north and navigate effectively towards your personal and organizational objectives. When aligned and adopted, the five anchors help identify and overcome the roadblocks that may stand in the way of success. This point of difference from traditional frameworks is a key element LCP Global knows is a game changer.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator explores and builds upon The 5 Leadership Anchors, and when combined with its 90-Day Goal Tracking System, participants have a powerful foundation on which to set their goals and a means of keeping themselves accountable and on track. This is a unique and powerful approach to goal setting that gets results.

Are you ready to take the next step towards your goals?

If you’re serious about taking your personal and professional performance to the next level, the LCP Leadership Accelerator Program could be just what you need to take control of your growth journey. LCP Global can provide the structure and accountability for success that traditional frameworks lack and give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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measurable results. It’s time for YOU to thrive!

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