Flip the Script on what is most important

What’s important to you? For too long, leaders have been expected to compartmentalise their lives. More than that, the more responsibility they assume, the more they’re expected to prioritize the organization over everything.

I’ve talked with top current and former executives worldwide and discovered that their greatest regrets are putting their companies before their most important relationships.

Yes, there is an ebb and flow and times when you need to present for significant moments in your business. That’s part of life and business. The problem is when this becomes the status quo, it eventually affects more than just you and your closest relationships.

As Simon Sinek says, “So goes the leader, so goes the culture. So goes the culture, so goes the company.”

It’s time to flip the script on what’s most important for leaders

Research shows leaders prioritising their intimate connections outside work make better organizational decisions. It’s possible to achieve your goals without sacrificing what’s most important to you.

That’s one of the reasons we developed The 5 Leadership Anchors ™

  1. The quality of your relationships
  2. Defining success, understanding that people are motivated by different things
  3. Knowing what is most important to you and how a commitment to personal character can build resilience and confidence
  4. Training your personal script so that you can make better decisions
  5. Creating a new success trajectory personally, professionally, and corporately

Further reading

For more on flipping script for what’s most important for leaders, you can read part of my conversation with Warwick Fairfax, “Beyond the Crucible meets When Leaders Are Lost”

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