Flip the Script on roadblocks


What happens when things don’t go as planned in business and life? Do you respond or react to roadblocks? Are they problems or opportunities to try something different? Do you expect the people around you to “just make it happen”, or are you open to new possibilities presented in the form of disappointment or perceived […]

Flip the Script on what is most important


What’s important to you? For too long, leaders have been expected to compartmentalise their lives. More than that, the more responsibility they assume, the more they’re expected to prioritize the organization over everything. I’ve talked with top current and former executives worldwide and discovered that their greatest regrets are putting their companies before their most […]

Flip the Script on the three-stage life


If you’re alive right now, you were born into a broad three-stage approach to life—education, work, and retirement. In their book, The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, researchers Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott explore the death of the three-stage life and our collective need to forge a new path into […]

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